What I do

Hustle was born in Los Angeles, California.  He is an American actor, Professional DJ and Host.  He is known for Body Politic (2012), Doubting Thomas (2016), and Two Faced (2017).  He was trained by Rick Walters – Theatrecraft.  He is well-known for national commercials such as Chevy, BigLots and Phillips 66.

How I do it

Read…Audition…Read…Practice..Read to stay ready!  That is what Hustle’s representation expects from him, and is exactly what he lives for.  Hustle has a warm energy about him and is known to be enthusiastic, fun and just an all around cool guy.  The natural way about him comes through in the roles he auditions for and is captured in his print jobs, commercials and films.

Why I do it

Hustle can also be seen on the red carpet interviewing top celebrities in sports and entertainment for his TV show “HustleTV”. He brings the seriousness of his craft together with his charming personality to reach his goal of being on television sitcoms and movies. Hustle’s new hobby is photography and boxing.


Television Commercials


Hours In front of The Camera




Featured Films

Television Commercial Experience

Hustle Actor has been in numerous Tv Commercials for great companies. Hustle has done over 60 television commercials clocking more than 30,000 hours in front of the Camera. With such great experience and dedication to the art, hustle has done TV commercials for big companies ranging from “Facebook” to “Buffalo Wild Wings” even an “Uber” commercial.

Film Experience

Acting has been a passion for Hustle Actor since childhood. Hustle actor was in theater and tons of plays throughout his schooling years. He also took theater craft classes with Rick Walters. Hustle has been in a couple of feature films ranging from “Doubting Thomas” to “Two faced” and even has a major role on the film “Body Politic”