Facebook Commercial

Just like most of us, I log into Facebook on a daily basis to stay connected.  But, auditioning to get casted on a Facebook commercial, is a whole other level.  During the audition, I’m grouped with three other actors.  The Sessions Director asked a few questions and read a few lines.

A few days later, I received a callback.   A step closer to getting booked!  This time, a Facebook representative joined the session.  Director Francois Vogel asked if I could hold my smile for a long time.  Without a doubt, I said, “Yes!”.

Facebook Commercial Project description

The next call I got was my manager screaming, “Hustle! you booked the Facebook job!”.   The set was filmed on the back lot of Universal Studios Hollywood.  I was casted as the ‘happy everyday guy driving a Prius’.  It came pretty natural to me, except it was the first time driving a Prius.  The filming crossed paths with the Universal Studios tour buses full of tourists and visitors to the theme part.   Talk a about a paparazzi moment!